One of the challenges in business is to meet a potential customer for the first time and build trust. To satisfy them that you have integrity, can do what they need, and that any perceived risks in working with you have been suitably overcome for them to allow you to be part of their journey.


At XeroCon last week, we had the pleasure of listening to Rachel Botsman talk about trust in business. Rachel is best known as a leading researcher, writer and speaker (check out her TED talk on collaborative consumption) exploring how collaboration and trust in the digital age is changing how we live, work, and consume. In one example she discusses how much of a trust gap needs to be overcome for someone to allow a complete stranger to stay in their home, as is the case with AirBNB!



One of the observations she made in her talk was about how the digital age was changing how we build trust. She remarked that it’s becoming easier to work with people we’ve never met, on the opposite sides of the globe, and that there are mechanisms that help us bridge that gap.


One simple way in which you can establish trust in your business is by publishing testimonials and asking for reviews on google and social media. Simple right? So why do we struggle so much asking for them? Is it simply that we prefer if people post them off their own bat, without it being solicited?  Thing is – services like Uber and many oth