Today we received a heap of calls from people querying an invoice we sent them. It wasn’t us.

Some scammers in China had registered a domain through a registrar in France, and decided to get a little more clever. They took a copy of our homepage, and hosted it on the same domain that they were sending the emails from. To anyone that visited, after getting an email from they would have seen our page and possibly assumed that it was a legitimate business that had sent the invoice.


In case you were wondering, yes, we are a legitimate business. And ironically, we specialise in helping businesses navigate the digital landscape.


If you received one of these emails, and you’re on our real website, you’re probably someone who clued in that something didn’t seem right. Well done.


There are quite a few hints that point to when an email isn’t legitimate, and there are ways in which you can verify it.



Here are four ways t