You have a business and your revenue is looking healthy. Sales are growing but you feel like you don’t have much money left over each month after paying all your bills. To make matters worse you feel like you’re run off your feet. Is this familiar to you? It’s time to look at your profits.


The simplest way to make more money is to increase your profit margin. Do more with what you have. But where do you start?


First, work out what your profit margins are. You need to calculate your Gross Profit. Your Gross profit is your revenue (or total sales) minus the costs of making those products (Cost of Goods Sold), or providing a service (Cost of Sales).  These are also known as direct costs as they directly relate to your ability to make a sale. This represents the true income of a business. It is how much your business makes once the costs associated with providing the good or services are taken away.

What kinds of things are included in your COGS or COS? Well – any raw materials used in producing your products, direct labour, shipping costs, sales commissions. The easiest way to determine whether something is part of your COGS or COS is to ask yourself – ‘would I incur the expense if I didn’t make a sale today?’

Once you know your Gross Profit – you then need to work out your Net Profit (you might hear it also being called the ‘bottom line’). This is what you as a business owner take home at the end of the day. It consists of your Gross Profit, minus all of your overheads.

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