Xero and you.


Using Xero to manage your accounts makes business a breeze. You can log in like you already do with your internet banking. You will see in a snapshot the money moving through your accounts, simple charts showing your business performance, and you can quickly and easily enter in bills and create invoices.

It’s so easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t use it sooner.


Find out why Xero is the secret weapon your business needs.


Top 10 reasons you will love Xero


  1. Automated bank feeds bring in your transactions every day
  2. Fast, simple and customisable invoices
  3. It’s available anytime, anywhere you’re online
  4. You can collaborate in real time with us, your Xero advisors
  5. It is safe and secure – just like your internet banking
  6. There are smart reports with links to source transactions
  7. The dashboard gives you a clear financial overview of your business performance
  8. Xero has amazing help documents to learn exactly what you need – at no cost
  9. Connect it to your other business systems with addons
  10. Pay as you go and no up-front costs or contracts

Switching to Xero is easy

If you are currently using another accounting platform such as MYOB or QuickBooks, and you’re worried about the process of switching to Xero, don’t be! We help you every step of the way, from setup through to training and ongoing support.

When you first get started – we will include one hour of training so that you can become familiar with the reports and features you will use most often.

Our team are Xero certified advisors – trust a qualified Xero bookkeeper in Perth to help you get the most out of your books.

For more on the benefits of Xero bookkeeping contact our Perth team today.