Receipt Bank Enters Expenses for You!

Tired of manually entering invoices, bills and receipts into your accounting software? We know you are, because we are too! The great news is Xero connects to hundreds of third party add-ons, and Receipt Bank, Xero’s Addon of the Year for 2015, is one of the most helpful. Your life is about to get a whole lot easier, because we’re going to explain how this essential add-on works!

What does Receipt Bank do?

Receipt Bank identifies the important information on your invoices, bills and receipts, and automatically enters the data directly into Xero. You don’t have to worry about manually entering expenses, forgetting to transfer data or even frustrating typo accidents. Spend less time processing your finances and more time managing your business!

How to Use Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank integrates directly with Xero. Once the add-on is set up, enter expenses the way you need to, no matter what their format. You can:

  • Use the Receipt Bank app to take a picture of your receipt;
  • Ask billers to send invoices directly to your Receipt Bank email address; or
  • Forward HTML emails for online purchases to your Receipt Bank email address.

Regardless of how Receipt Bank receives your document, the data is entered into Xero and is there when you’re ready to check in on your spending, generate reports or do your BAS.

Why do we love it?

One of the features that we at Digit love is that it helps us