The backbone of our success at Digit is the global team we’ve built since starting our business. When we first designed our business model, we made a conscious decision to engage and build our team with the best people we could find – even if that was outside our country.

Over the last few years, we’ve heard all kinds of opinions from people in industry, and also business owners as to why offshoring doesn’t work. The objections tend to follow similar themes, and fly in the face of our own direct experiences growing Digit. It’s worth dissecting some of these myths, and busting them.


I’ve had bad experiences before …


Whenever you hear this, consider where this belief comes from. Typically, it’s from two types of experiences – a view formed from experiences with other providers who have global teams, or from direct experience hiring people offshore.


Experiences with other businesses who have global team

If you’ve ever called a large enterprise that has an offshore support team, you’ll know how this story usually goes. You just want help, so you call up, and explain what you need to someone who keeps mispronouncing your name. With growing frustration, you finally outline what you need help with, only to be told apologetically that that person can’t help you, and you need to speak with someone else. A call transfer, and 15 minutes on hold later – you go through the whole process again only to be told that you can’t be helped. Rinse. Repeat.

This frustration often stems not from the person on the phone – but from how they are trained and empowered to help you. You see, it’s not that the person is offshore that bothered you, it’s that they couldn’t solve your woes. And that’s a clear distinction.