Early in the year last year we built a CRM for Digit. Why you ask? That’s a great question. Although there are many great options around to track client information, there were particular relationships in our data that were valuable for us to understand, and no other system could manage how we wanted.

You see, early on in our business we placed a premium on being able to understand exactly what was going on in the business. The information we wanted to track couldn’t be done easily within other systems, or required complex integrations, so we built one. Being able to collect information, and through it make informed decisions, we were able to grow organically to a team of 12 in 18 months.

“The world is one big data problem.” – Andrew McAfee

That’s what the trend towards big data is all about. Big data in business is about collecting all the information you can about every facet of business, interpreting it, and using that information to make better decisions. The same way in which the work we do as bookkeepers enables business owners fr